OBÉ - Organic Body Essentials

Luxury yet affordable skin care that is COMPLETELY free of preservatives, pesticides, GMOs, and toxins & that uses only the best organic and natural ingredients that are truly good for your skin.

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Hand-crafted from the cleanest, highest-quality, certified organic plant-based ingredients sourced from around the world, Organic Body Essentials products are unique, effective, and honestly healthy for your skin and body. The products include absolutely NO toxins, synthetic chemicals, preservatives, pesticides or GMOs that are often found in traditional skincare products. 

Do you consider the ingredients of your skincare as much as you consider the ingredients of the food you consume? If not, you should be! Our skin is our largest organ and absorbs everything you put on it, so it's just as important for your health for you to pay attention to what you're actually applying to your skin, and to make sure it is nourishing. 

From facial care to skin repair, as well as therapeutic and cleansing products, Organic Body Essentials delivers a full line of head-to-toe treatments that are truly clean and natural—and that work!


SHOP THROUGH THE LINK BELOW to help support His Glory ministry, AND to save 5% on your purchase:



WHY DO WE SUPPORT THIS BRAND? Watch CEO Vickie Natale's testimony on OBÉ below...